Small Bathroom Design Ideas

You’re probably sick of hearing about bathrooms. But if you’re in the market for a new one, or want to refresh or redesign your current bathroom, it’s worth considering some small bathroom design ideas. Whether you’re renovating your own home or buying a new property and looking for something unique, there are plenty of stylish ways to make your space just right.

A Bathroom Makeover

A bathroom remodeling project can be a big undertaking. You’ll want to make sure that you think about what you want, who will be doing the work, and how much it will cost before starting.

If you’re planning on having your bathroom renovated or remodeled by professionals, then this section is for you! We’ve put together some tips and tricks so that when it comes to choosing a contractor for your project—or even just learning more about what goes into renovation projects—you feel confident in making good choices based on accurate information.

Best small bathrooms

The bathroom is a sacred space, and it deserves to be treated as such. If you want to turn your small, cramped bathroom into something more luxurious and stylish, then take a look at these ideas:

  • Small bathroom design ideas:
  • If you don’t have much space in the bathroom, use vertical space wisely by placing shelves above the sink or overhanging from one wall to another. Alternatively, install mirrors on which you can hang decorative items like vases and pictures. This will create an illusion of more room without having any actual extra vertical clearance!

Best small bathroom vanities

There are two main types of vanities: the standard and the sink-in. The standard vanity has a cabinet that sits on top of the floor, while the sink-in has no cabinet at all. Vanity height refers to how tall you want your bathroom vanity to be. You can choose from anywhere between 5 inches (12 cm) and 20 inches (50 cm), but if you have a smaller space in your home, then I’d suggest going for something shorter than 20 inches; otherwise, make sure your new piece fits within those parameters!

The depth of a small bathroom vanity should ideally measure around 16 inches (40 cm). If possible, opt for something with more depth than 15 inches (38 cm), as this will ensure maximum storage capacity overall—and nothing says “I’m tidy” quite like having everything neatly tucked away in tidy containers!

Small bathroom design ideas

There are many ways to design a small bathroom. You can use a pedestal sink, corner sink, vanity or medicine cabinet and mirror.

  • Pedestal Sink: This is the most common type of bathroom sink because it’s easy to install in any space without needing much space to work with. A pedestal sink consists of two parts: the base and basin (also known as “foot”). Typically made from porcelain or ceramic materials, they are available in many different shapes and sizes depending on what you need them for—from basic sinks used for bathing purposes only up through more elaborate designs that include taps on both sides so that hot water flows out at different levels throughout your home! Some even come equipped with features such as built-in shelves or drainboard hooks so everything fits together nicely when needed too!


We hope that you have found this article helpful to help you with your planning and design needs. If you want more ideas for bathrooms, check out our Pinterest page!